Independent Businesses

World M.O.B. Entertainment


World M.O.B. Entertainment was established in 2003 by rapper Jayce Verse. The company released its first mix CD in April 2005 entitled W.M.M.1. World M.O.B.Ent’s mission is to bring the hits to the streets, plain and simple. Whether Rap, R&B, Rock, Spoken Word, Acting, we strive to provide the entertainment industry with the best possible product.

Over the years World M.O.B. Entertainment has evolved into a respected brand in the independent music industry working with many southern based labels and artists. From recording to edit/mastering to distribution of your project World M.O.B. can make it happen!


 download_20140316_124642Jayce Verse


We are in a time that is extremely harsh economically: internationally. The Nation is at war with itself; people are protesting Wall Street. What would have been seen as extreme 10 years ago today is seen as the norm. Many say we are on the brink of a New Dark Age. Jayce Verse says, “He gets it “… it is his time to shine.  Jayce Verse was born July 2 [Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base] Niagara Falls, New York, raised in Pittsburgh, Pa until the age of 13. He relocated to Augusta, Ga formed a group, put 3 songs together, and started performing at an adult club at 15 years of age. By the age of 17, he was well known in the city. He earned the respect from Foxie 103.1 Dj Robert Taylor, who later introduced him to one of his Djs [Mojo] who seen his potentials. Mojo connected Jayce to some Atlanta contacts. He hit all of the talent shows in Atlanta, eventually signed to a label, but funds deterred the project. Other opportunities surfaced but ultimately Jayce Verse decided to invest his own funds into recording equipment, furthering the control of his destiny, World M.O.B Entertainment! Jayce has an entrepreneur spirit and you will hear it in his music. He is on his Fast Forward, eyes fixed on the prize, taking no shorts

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