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Impala GA


Looking forward to my future because my past is far behind me… “John Sims”

Impala G.A. is ‘next up’ in the music industry born Caroline on Fort Bragg, but raised in Columbus, GA. He Has been an independent artist since the year 2000 and still consistent with his musical talents. Impala is currently booking out of state shows on most Fridays and Saturdays throughout the month but still highly requested at home to do local shows for loyal fans. He is a solo artists but doesn’t mind collaborating with other artists whether local or major. The name Impala G.A. is well known and has picked up an even greater buzz since joining the Trippple Up Management team in 2013. In 2015 Impala GA is releaseing his 2nd mix tape “Talk Of the City”! and that will follow his DvD “Think Im P-Diddy”. Which is also the name of his hit song that can be heard on

This is just the start and IT’S ALL ABOUT ”PROGRESS”… #tripppleup #impalaga
Striving towards the future & making every present day count because my past will remain behind me… and EXCELLENCE IS NO ACCIDENT…
Born and raised in Omaha, NE, TKO started writing music at age 15 but for the last 10 years wrote and recorded his own music with very little awareness. In the summer of 2013 he was pressured to push his music to the general public and has since made a small but increasing impact on the local hip hop scene. Having dropped 2 albums (TKOmaha & GENEius) and a mixtape (God King) in 1 years time, TKO has proven he can hang with the elite lyricists and stay consistent. In early 2014 he began booking and promoting his own shows for himself and to showcase many great artists on a larger scale. By the end of 2014 TKO had booked himself in all major venues to great local success and the sky appears to be the limit for this seasoned yet relatively unknown artists.
Joey Ku$h
Independent artist from Shreveport Louisiana and member of Martian Gang;  Indo Joe spits that real life struggle. From growing up running the streets of Ratchet city to D-Town Indo has seen n done it all including 2 felony convictions n multiple trips in n out of the system. No stuntin or frontin jus real raw lyrics about overcoming struggle to becoming a success!

Jayce Verse

Jayce Verse Promo Blk & White

Jayce Verse OneSheet


IG: @trilljayceverse



Hip Hop has lately been known for its lack of relevance to its original culture. It has been tainted with good beats, but untrustworthy lyrics from several artist. It’s almost like no one writes “feel good” music anymore. Well… Joseph “Tugg Mcguire” Smith Is here to change that perception.

Starting music at the age of five years old, Tugg has been very familiar with music all his life. Coming from the back grounds of family members such as Walter “Mucho” Scott, and Ira “D.K” Scott only to name a few he has been guided to perfect his craft at all cost. He has a sound like none other. He is a innovator, producer, songwriter and Audio engineer.

With his own unique style of songwriting, and very distinct voice he is guaranteed to stand out from any other independent artist. Now age 25, he vows to create songs off of his southern influence in music such as artist like TLC, Outkast, Lil Wayne, UGK, AND Master P, to name a few. His southern slang and abundant lyrical content will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to expect the unexpected.

Now as a up and coming Artist and Ceo of indie label Up4Grabz Music group, he seeks to spread his music and message to the world. Giving people a keen since into his lifestyle and southern background, he strives to prove that hip hop in the south has only gotten started. With his first mix tape “Show Me The Money The Mixtape” he received a lot of attention. Now his Debut ‘Show Me The Money 2″ is set to release on July 1st 2014 he feels as if he has a lot of mouths to shut.


@Tuggmcguire      IG:Tuggmcguire


eewee pic2

There is a vast difference between a rapper and an artist. A rapper only replicates what he/she hears and/or sees. An artist displays their lifestyles from multiple aspects. That artist that I speak of is none other than Eddison “EEWEE” Weaver.

Growing up listening to Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, TI, Bun B, Jadakiss and many other rappers, he realized how much love for music he possessed. Around the age 14 EEWEE started to put the pen to the pad and practice writing rhymes but never really taking it seriously. Throughout his teenage years he continued to write rhymes and finish up in school. After finishing in school things took a turn for the worst for EEWEE. It started out in the streets and ended up behind cell walls. Therefore everything that had anything to do with rapping and making any type of music was out of the question for the time being.

After being incarcerated it was time to make a decision. The streets or the mic? After making his decision of putting calamity behind him; he linked up with his childhood friend, now business partner, Joseph “Tugg McGuire” Smith and formed Up 4 Grabs Music Group. From then on it was no looking back with the displaying of unique talent and great minds collaborating.

With songs such as “I Had a Dream” and “My Team On” he displays his loyalty, versatility, and hunger for his dream. His debut mixtape “TreeHouse” is scheduled for release on 09/11/14. This tape will have your listening device on repeat!!!

Lil G

lil g


Born February 15, 1990 and raised in Eutawville, SC. Lil G started rapping at an early age, but wasn’t really into it until his teenage years. He knew that he wanted to become a rapper at an early age, because of his passion for music. Lil G sometimes got in trouble in class for making beats on the desk and saying little raps to them. He was also good at writing poems, and even won a couple poem competitions in middle school. When he got out of high school that was the time he really started to write music.

Lil G was at one point, making beats for himself to use with fruity loops tools. He would do no less than 3 songs a day, but never recorded anything. After a while, for a few years his passion for writing music died down, until he turned twenty and joined the Army National Guard. With nothing to do on base some days, he would stay in the barracks and write songs.  G felt the need to write songs a lot more. After three years, He ended his service with the National Guard. It wasn’t until 2009 before; he joined the National Guard that anyone ever heard him on a song. Lil G was featured on a song called “Throw it in the air”, which was the first song he had ever been on that was recorded.

Then he was featured on a song called “Ima Do Dat” with a group call Team IRAC. They already at the time had a name for themselves, so he figured it would help him out to along the way. Lil G always kept it in mind that in order for him to get somewhere in his music career, he had to believe in himself and keep on pushing to get better. He had help from no one so it took a while for him to actually get things rolling.

In 2011 he came up with a 12 track mixtape called “When Real Comes 2 Light” and made some copies to give to people he knew. In 2013 was when he knew it was time for him to put my music career in action. With 3 kids he knew he had to get the show on the road to be able to support his family. Now age 24 he is currently writing a lot of songs, and going in on every beat harder than ever. He is signed to World M.O.B. Entertainment.  He’s going full force with perusing his dream to become an artist in the music industry. As he always says and has mentioned in one of his songs, “I’m bout to put EUTAWVILLE on the map!!!”


Bookings:  at

Media/Appearances: Nikita Middleton at



Born on the west of Chicago, Styngray displayed his talent at a young age by performing in hometown talent shows and experimenting with several musical instruments. Hip Hop became the choice of musical expression and Styngray began performing at clubs around Chicago. Styngray has a sound that is rooted in the intensity and original love for Hip-Hop, which is then transformed into a charismatic stage performance second to none.

Styngray’s determination and desire to succeed brought him to the Mecca of Hip-Hop “New York City”, he arrived in the Big Apple ready to work and has made a name for himself and brand, showcasing at popular clubs such as the The Pyramid, The Remote Lounge, Club T-NY, and M1-5 Club to name a few. Now in Atlanta, the buzz has expanded to the south, where he was a finalist at Who’s Got That Vibe hosted by Chicago’s own Hip Hop Star Da Brat, which led to a special request performance from Turner Broadcasting. Other performances include popular Atlanta clubs like Club Crucial, The Apache and Throwbacks. Styngray has gained recognition for his music by receiving an award of honorable mention from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the song Entitled “I Want You”. Also he has received radio play and listener request from college and major radio stations such as Chicago’s Power 92, 107.5 WBLS in NY and the   single Fly For Life on Foxie 105 in Georgia. The single Against All Odds

made #2 and 3 in the nation on Rap Attack and Recordbreakers college charts.

Styngray is a seasoned artist with a unique sound that is ready for the world and definitely an artist to be on the lookout for one of the next superstars of Hip Hop.


FlocksPoster ARRESTBOOKVER (1)On_Da_Clock

Devalle ” Flock “O” ” Townsend

WFXA – Foxie 103 Jamz

Midday Host of “On Da Clock w/ Flock”

Is an on-air personality for WFXA – FOXIE 103 Jamz, a Perry Broadcasting radio station in Augusta, Georgia.  At WFXA, he host the Hit midday mix show, On Da Clock w/ Flock.

Born in Far Rockaway Queens, NY, Flock graduated from Westbury High School and attended Five Towns College where he studied Audio Recording Technology, and Business Management.

He moved to Augusta in my 20’s to pursue a retail clothing store. While marketing his store, he put together a jingle company, Flock O’s Productions which helps to promote Clubs, Businesses, Non Profit Organizations, and Churches.  One of Flock’s most successful endeavors is with a local pawn shop, United Loans, the #1 Pawn Shop in Augusta.  He’s responsible for writing and producing all United Loans radio and television commercials.

His radio career started when he entered a competition to become FOXIE’s 103’s next midday personality.  Coming in 1st out of more than 25 contestants, he became WFXA’s next midday personality (On Da Clock w/ Flock).  Flock have been with Perry Broadcasting since March 2011.

With the success of his marketing and jingle company, Flock O’s Productions, hard work, and the grace of “GOD,” He has managed to make On Da Clock w/Flock one of the most listened to shows in Augusta.  As he continue to grow in the broadcast industry, He look forward to one day having his own syndicated show like that of Rickey Smiley, Doug Banks, Ross Par, and others.

He’s currently an endorser for United Loans (Augusta) and Hip Hop Weekly.

For more information contact Flock “O” at

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