Published July 12, 2013 by Nikita "Soambitious"

I have to say this….You have people saying that Trayvon Martin’s murder wasn’t about race. They are saying that everyone is making it racial. NOT SO…..George Zimmerman made it about race. Did you not hear his 911 call?!? If he wouldn’t have said what he said then maybe we wouldn’t look at it as racial. We would all be pissed at the fact that this GROWN MAN stalked and murdered an unarmed teen. SO You see either way we would still feel angry whether the race card was played or not. The fact is a KID was stalked and murdered by this GROWN ASS MAN for walking through an upper middle class neighborhood with a hoodie. And That GROWN MAN not anyone else made it racial with the filth that came out of his mouth to the 911 operator. So while you’re saying its not about race and people are just angry for no reason and talk you about how we kill one another everyday and i guess that make what Zimmerman did okay. Go back and read on this case. Think about how you would feel if you were Sybrina Fulton & Tracey Martin hearing your child yell for help right before he is killed. For being young, black, wearing a hoodie and walking to the damn store.

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