R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Published July 25, 2011 by Nikita "Soambitious"

Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment on Saturday, July 23. The cause of death is undetermined, but if you have followed any of the stories about her over the years then you know she has been battling with drugs and alcohol for a while. We have seen this so many times before. Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and the list goes on and on. The media talk about these people and their troubled lives, but What are they doing to help them. You have Lindsey Lohan whose always in trouble with the law for drugs and alcohol and nothing is being done. We as a society love drama, love the gossip, but what are we doing to make things better. You have people giving and helping other countries, but what about right here? People are always saying the United States of America is one of the riches countries in the world. Really? We are in a recession right now. You have so many people losing their jobs and homes. What are we doing to help one another. Again, the media will print and promote all of the tragedies in someones life and then when they die do they let up? NO they just continue to do what they need to do the sale papers the hell with this persons family. Lets be real, the media killed Anna Nicole. She was grieving the loss of her son and instead of giving her room to grieve they brought up his drug use, started talking about hers and started accusing her “partner” and her of murder. Damn can a person get up before you knock them down again! Instead of finding a way to hurt someone lets try to figure out a way to help and make things better. My heart and prayers go out to Amy Wineshouse family and everyone else who have lost someone they love so tragically.

One comment on “R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

  • When it comes to famous people you always hear there staff state they can’t help them because they will get fired. I often wonder if those same producers, managers and promoters think how they will make money when the money pot is dead. It seems they don’t it’s all about the money. When it comes to media, they only make money off of peoples drama, it has been proven happy shit doesn’t pay.

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