Industry Hoes

Published December 6, 2010 by Nikita "Soambitious"

Ms. Informed had a great topic on her show last night about industry hoes. And my thoughts are this, if you’re a true professional you don’t have to sell yourself by selling your body. Most women in the industry knock, step and hate on other women who is also in the industry. You can’t call yourself a publicist or manager and expect anyone to take you seriously when they know you already have a reputation.  If you’re sleeping with your clients and anyone else in the industry to get your client ahead…..YOU’RE AN INDUSTRY HOE!  Now there are women in this industry because they actually love their job and are in it for the right reason. The sad thing is because of the hoes in the industry the ones who are actually doing things the right way are also being labeled as hoes.  My message is this,  ladies you don’t have to put it all out there to make someone respect you. All you need to be is smart, savvy and no non sense….BOTTOM LINE.

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