Jayce Verse

Published November 23, 2010 by Nikita "Soambitious"

Jayce Verse was born on Jul 2 on an air force base in New York. He was raised until the age of thirteen in Pittsburgh PA. His father was forced out of his job for backing the union and moved Verse to Augusta, Ga. The third day he was in middle school, some crew was bragging about signing a record deal so a pass the mic session occurred.  He jumped in and blew them away with sixteen bars. By the age of fifteen he had his first group, three songs and a weekly performance at an adult nightclub. They performed for drinks and they got to stay backstage with the dancers. By the age of seventeen around his city he was a local celeb.  He was also seen as a gangster or thug. Lots of close friends went to jail for bids and others moved to escape the time or joined the army. Jayce was alone and in that situation you either fold or push. And of course, he pushed.

Jayce recorded an intro for a DJ at Foxie 103.1, his name was Robert Taylor. Jayce got a call from one of Roberts dj’s by the name of Mojo. Mojo told Jayce, if he wanted to be big he had to think big and work hard. He gave Jayce two numbers both in Atlanta. Jayce made some trips to Atlanta and spoke with several people about just recording. At that point Jayce best friend and dancer were killed. Jayce friend RED G went to his apartment handed Jayce the rent and said we’ll rap for food.  Jayce became obsessed, reading, listening and entering every talent contest in Atlanta. Jayce signed to a label out of Augusta, but his cd wasn’t pushed or funded. He called several old friends to discuss a label and Pimptown Records was born. A cd rushed to the street and copyright infringements made him have to revamp and start over.  Jayce began to buy recording equipment and World Mob Entertainment was the new name  and new focus. His goal as a rapper is to bring back the lyrics and make people feel where he is coming from in his music. To make rap pure again and to bring our form of music back home to the streets. Hopefully a new age of rap will appear.

Verse has done interviews with Soambitious, Kattphish, Chris and Company, Underground Live and several others.





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